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I would like to add these 2 photos above - 1) Mug shot (face relaxed, at rest, with the teeth touching)

2) Fully animated smile (like when you're talking to someone you like, or you're about to laugh!

I always have my profile looking to the right side​

**This should also be after the 2 facial photos above

Upper arch should come before lower arch

I always do the right side before the left side​

This should come before the left side

I do 2 photos of these 'centre close-up photos. 1)with the patient clenching their teeth together, and 2) the other is with their teeth slightly open

The order the photos should be in is;


Of the face:

1) Frontal Mugshot

2) Frontal Smile

3) Profile facing right


Of inside the mouth:

4)Upper occlusal view

5)Lower occlusal view

6)Centre slightly open

7)Centre clenched​

8)Right side

9)Left side

I then normally arrange it like this (below).


This should be before the lower arch​

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