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Introducing Bright Smiles' next level family first experience

'Smile your way to a better life!'


"Doctor and staff are friendly and enthusiastic. If you are not happy with your smile come to Bright Smiles Bunbury. Nothing is worth more than your smile ^^"

- Mi mi

"Dr Tai was great, very knowledgeable and energetic. Has the patients best interests."

- Whitecoat Review

"Excellent Orthodontist and help me achieve exactly what I wanted."

- Whitecoat Review

“Can I give you a hug, or would that be inappropriate?... Can I please give you a hug?"

- Leanne

He is a very caring person with a great family attitude. I and my family are very happy with his consultation.

- Whitecoat Review

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job so well done and for an amazing service throughout. I'm so glad we chose Bright Smiles! Thank you!

- Roshni

"Great how technology has developed and he is able to assist me to achieve the desired result- he was actually quite personable and I felt I could ask anything to him or if I have any concerns ongoing I would be able to approach him and ask- staff also very helpful and lovely. He is very confident and proficient- the business is well set out and it's great we can have access to this service without travel to Perth city."

- Whitecoat Review 

"He wants the best for his patients. Keen to get a permanent fix in the quickest time possible. Happy with results."

- Whitecoat Review

“Wow... That's crazy! My teeth look SO SO good! I'm SO happy right now! Thank you SO much!"

- Michaela

"He was very informative and very passionate. Will definitely use him for my treatment."

- Whitecoat Review

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